What is the point of being a teenager if you can't get a little crazy with your friends!  Our youth enjoy times of being together, going to concerts, roller skating, bowling, Christmas caroling, duct taping their leaders, sledding, snow balls, sports or just hanging out.  No matter what the event, safe and good fun is a sure thing (the kind of stuff you would tell your grandma about...)

Fun is great, yet faith fundelmentals is key for students.The Youth Group of FBC (for grades 6th -12th) is active in the pursuit to grow our faith, strengthen our Christian walk, and serve others in Christ.  From camp to Bible studies and group discussions, recreation and games to serving alongside each other in the community and our church.



 (Not just for girls! Biblical content

for everyone.)

  Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?  -     By: Karen Finn
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August 26:  Sole Hope project. Cutting and preparing material for shoes in Uganda.

September: TBD - back to school celebration.

September 9: Serving the church at the annual picnic.

October 5-6: Forest Festival activities and fundraising.

October 21: Making communion bread and hanging out together for movie and munchies.